Electra Brass has taken a traditional classical model and shattered the mold with a rock electric flair!  Our set list consists of custom arrangements of rock, pop, and funk tunes arranged by Jenni Lee Kearns, the group’s creator.  Songs include many hits audiences know and love from many different genres, which keep our fans and clients happy.  Jenni can also arrange any song you wish to hear – custom arrangements can always be created to suit your needs and any music event.  The effect is a quartet of beautiful females who can easily excite audiences and blow minds by performing your favorite songs with completely new sounds and visual experiences.

The Electra girls are all hand-picked classically trained instrumentalists, the best in the world.  Our musicians have Masters Degrees and have spent many years honing their craft.  The girls who perform with Electra Brass are also all highly trained in the art of improvisation and soloing.

This all-girl band is like no other, literally, there is no other music group in the world quite like Electra Brass in existence.  The brass instrument sounds are navigated through a microphone into electric sound processors which emulate electric guitars, synthesized keyboards, choir harmonies and much more!

So we hope that for any potential fans or clients out there, you can rest assured that Electra will provide an unforgettable musical experience that is unlike anything audiences have ever seen or heard. Expect a band consisting of four beautiful women, blessed not only with gorgeous looks but also amazing musical talent, who will rock the stage and fill the room with unforgettable sounds.  Electra Brass is pushing the boundaries of a classical era, shining forward with a new look and sound, and we can’t wait to share it with you!